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Let’s take a quick look on what I have for you this week. I hope this helps…Enjoy!!


It’s obvious that price is at resistance. Looking closely, I noticed a Inside bar reversal candlestick at my selling zone. Let’s look at the lower timeframe below.

I took a short trade after price movements to the downside. Before the market’s closed on Friday, I noticed price retracements. I place my stops on the previous high. I don’t expect the markets to trade at the level. The markets have the final say and I’m a speculator.


Last week, I shared why I wanted to buy this pair…during trading activity this week, I noticed the price was consolidating and exited all positions I was holding. On Friday, I noticed sellers pushed the markets down, then entered using the breakout strategy. Click here to learn more about break out trading strategy. Let’s have a look at the lower timeframe.

On the 4hr time frame, price is forming new lows but will the high be invalidated? No one knows. I sold a the break out and my stops are at the highs. Let’s see what happens this week.

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